[SOLVED]SFML window turns black after creating a widget and loading a .conf

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Hello, i' m trying to use TGUI v6.4 for my game but i am stuck on something very weird.
I have a GameWindow class as a base for my test and i create the tgui::GUI object dynamically.
After this i initialize an EditBox defined in my header like this

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tgui::EditBox::Ptr textBoxUsername;
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textBoxUsername= tgui::EditBox::Ptr(*myGUI);

1st of all is this the correct way to do it?

If not please tell me how. Now on to the point.
After i initialize my EditBox and call this:
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textBoxUsername->load("widgets/Black.conf");my windows becomes black whatever i try.

My enviroment is Windows 7
Compiler MinGW (DW)
I compiled from source through CMAKE but i set it to shared though i use SFML in my game statically. Could this be an issue?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: How stupid of me.. i just read on the forum that linkage must be the same for SFML AND TGUI
i had SFML static and TGUI dynamic..
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