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Dark Theme

Started by finjosh, 05 January 2024, 02:37:13


GitHub Repository:

There is also an equivalent Light Theme, the only difference being the colours. Padding, borders, etc. are the same. (If you want to see examples of the light theme, there are images in the GitHub Repository)

There are two ways of using the themes in this project:
  • load from the txt files
  • load using the theme classes that are included
Both ways of loading produce the same theme.

Supported Widgets:
  • ChatBox
  • ComboBox
  • EditBox
  • EditBox
  • ListBox
  • ListView
  • MenuBar
  • MessageBox
  • RadioButton
  • RangeSlider
  • ScrollBar
  • SeparatorLine
  • Slider
  • TextArea
  • ToggleButton
  • ChildWindow
  • Button
  • SplitContainer
  • Any other widgets that inherit their properties from either global or the listed widget's properties will work