Changing SpinControl value without calling onValueChange()

Started by GetterSetter, 05 April 2024, 17:55:07


Hello, I want to change SpinControl value without calling onValueChange(), is it possible?
Let me describe what I intend to do and possibly you will give some idea how to implement this.
I have 2 SpinControl widgets (the width and the height of the picture) which are linked/bound (idk which word is more correct here), so changing one should affect another, e.g. if I double height, the width should also be doubled. Let's call the function which is responsible for that BalanceRatio():

When I call it inside onValueChange() it creates a recursion and it's quite logical.
Then I've made the next trick (looks ugly but it actually helped):
//Some code here

And it worked pretty nice until I noticed that if I press the arrow continuously, onUnfocus will be never called.
And the question is: how to set the new value without calling onValueChange() to avoid the recursion?
P.S. I'm sorry if there are some grammar mistakes but I feel really fatigued and have neither time nor the desire to use the translator to check my writing   :-\ .


You can temporarily disable the onValueChange signal:
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