c++11 features required?

Started by syndicatedragon, 08 August 2013, 22:01:46


What c++11 language features are required now in TGUI? Will Visual C++ 2010 still be supported? Here is a link to the features that it supports:




The minimum compilers are supposed to be VC++10 and GCC 4.6, but I can only test with VC++11 and GCC 4.8.
So if tgui wouldn't compile with Visual Studio 2010 then you should just let me know.


Seems to build OK in VS2010 (aside from the warnings of course :) ).

Maybe this is a good time for me to look at my own project and see what C++11 can offer me. It looks like a lot of boost features are now in std so that seems like a good place to start.