Stop dragging windows when the mouse has left the window

Started by wizzard, 26 August 2013, 02:54:35


When using TGUI in a window and not full-screen, I think that child windows that are being dragged should stop being dragged when the mouse leaves the rendering region.
I can continually drag around a window if my left mouse button is not down if I just release my mouse outside of the window.

Edit: So, my fix would be just detecting MouseLeft events with the ChildWindow and then stop dragging when they are detected.


There is nothing wrong with TGUI in this case. What you are asking was already supported.

I just tested it and it seems that no MouseButtonReleased event is send when the mouse is released outside the window (on Windows). So that sounds more like an SFML problem. If the MouseButtonReleased would be sent (like it does on linux), then it will work.