WebSite Offline!

Started by gale, 02 September 2013, 12:11:19



The site is down since 2 days ( or more, dont know ).

Can you let the site return viable please ? I need to download the compilated version of tgui for one project for c++11 ( or the version that be need to use CMake! )

Thank you!


The site is online.

I have visited it multiple times in the last 2 days to check this (because I heard other people saying that it was down a lot), and it was always online when I checked.

Even according to the site is online.

Not sure why you can't get to it.
The server is located in Netherlands, so maybe thats whats giving troubles. But I use different vpns and proxys, and it was always online for me.

Edit: The latest source can always be downloaded from github.


This is what I see !

btw ty for the link of direct download :)


I'll remove CloudFlare again, and see if that helps (this can take 4 hours or even longer).


Quote from: texus on 02 September 2013, 12:39:05
(this can take 4 hours or even longer).

I've already downloaded the source so isnt a problem for me ! :)

I wanted only help. have a good day  :)

edit: the site is online now !