How to disable the anti-aliasing of the text? (Question).

Started by Roberth, 22 September 2013, 19:08:16


 :) Hi all, I am pond in using: TGUI-v0.5, excellent GUI library for SFML, but I want to disable anti-aliasing, because I will use small text and display is not very good. I use a font Arial, size 12.

Here a sample as the text is generated by the program.

This is the result I want: no anti-aliasing.

Thanks for your answers, Roberth.


This is a limitation in sfml.

"Currently, fonts are always anti-aliased and this cannot be changed."


After reading that issue again, it might have been fixed already.
Does it only happen when creating a tgui::Label or also when just drawing an sf::Text? Because I can only help in the first situation.


This is an option that SFML, it Might Have Been fixed already.

It happens all TGUI.

Can there be any other way?


I doubt that it is going to be a bug in tgui if it happens on all widgets and not in only one widget.
If it doesn't work with sf::Text then there is nothing I can do. All widgets just use sf::Text internally.