CombBox show duplicated ghost

Started by tueda, 31 October 2013, 03:58:09


CombBox shows one more duplicated ghost.
See attached image.
I used TGUI.Net downloading yesterday.

        static public void LoadWidgets (Gui gui) {
            // Create the background image
            var pic = gui.Add (new Picture ("media/Vanity.jpg"));
            pic.Size = new Vector2f (800, 600);

            var combBox = gui.Add (new ComboBox ("widgets/Black.conf"));
            combBox.Position = new Vector2f (200,100);
            combBox.AddItem ("Chapter I.");
            combBox.AddItem ("Chapter II. ");
            combBox.AddItem ("Chapter III.");


It seems like more things went wrong while porting the code to c# than I expected.