Will the binding be up-to-date?

Started by netrick, 03 November 2013, 11:31:20


Do you want the .NET binding to be up-to-date with the C++ version or it will lag a bit?

Coz I'm moving everything but my server from C++ to C# and programming is fun again :D


It might lag behind a little bit, but it will mostly up-to-date.

The only widget that isn't ported (and won't be ported soon) is TextBox. But that is because it even isn't usefull in the c++ version.

Other than that, the only thing that I am aware of that hasn't been ported yet is the copy & pasting.
The code is actually already placed in EditBox.cs, but it is still in comments because isKeyPressed seems to crash. (I don't have time to investigate this, but maybe you can check if it works for you when uncommenting this block of code).

In short, it won't be more than one or two changes behind and it is kindof up-to-date right now. (and because no new changes are planned soon, it will stay like this for a while)