Where is the lib folder?

Started by BruceBoc, 08 February 2014, 01:21:36



To install Tgui 0.6, i have test 2 methods :

- first i tried to configure visual studio 2012 with pre-precompiled libs.
i have read this tuto "https://old.tgui.eu/tutorials/v06/visual-studio-precompiled-libs/", but in "TGUI-0.6.0 Visual C++11 (2012) - 32bit.zip", there is no folder lib for SFML witch should be included.

- secondly i have compiled TGUI-0.6.0 using CMake with the gui.
it's seems to work but there are no folder lib.

I specify that I am a beginner, and sorry for my bad english, i'm a french user.


It seems that my tutorials are a bit outdated (the precompiled v0.6.0 libs are different than the earlier ones for which the tutorials were originally written). Normally I shouldn't be including SFML myself but SFML 2.1 just isn't as stable as the github version. Once SFML 2.2 comes out my tutorials will be correct again.

The precompiled libraries that you downloaded contains a lib folder with two folders in it: SFML and TGUI.
So the additional library directories should be "TGUI_Path/lib/TGUI" and "TGUI_Path/lib/SFML".

You just made me realize that I didn't include the SFML headers in the download. So I have reuploaded the files which now contain the missing headers.
The additional include directory should be "TGUI_Path/include". That will include both sfml and tgui now.

When you compile yourself with CMake then you create a build folder in which all files are created. So there should be a lib folder in that build folder.


Thanks, i have download the new precompiled library and it's work very well.  ;)