Widget clipping when resizing the viewport

Started by Dnake, 10 April 2014, 22:24:24


 :) Thanks again for your diligent attention to problems.  I'm not sure how to test the commit that you made on GitHub.  I assume I would need to download those source/include files and recompile to libraries/dlls.  I haven't done this before as I have only been using released libs/dlls.  If you'd like me to test your latest changes, please let me know and I'll look into how to compile them.  Otherwise, I'm happy to wait until your updated release. :)


This is actually the first time that I notice that I have been talking to different persons in this topic :).

QuoteOtherwise, I'm happy to wait until your updated release.
I try to not make multiple releases in less than a month, especially not for one small bug. Creating these precompiled libraries is too time consuming. I have automated the compilation, but there is still a lot of work to do on every release. So you shouldn't expect a v0.6.4 release soon.

There are two ways to get the changes from github. The first way is to go to the github page and click the "Download ZIP" button. Then follow the CMake tutorial for VS or the CMake tutorial for C::B. In short, you run cmake which creates a project file which you then open and build which will provide you with the libraries.

The other way is slightly more work, but will make it a lot faster to recompile the libraries if I make another change. You will need to download git and then clone my repository (running "git clone https://github.com/texus/TGUI" from the command line will create the TGUI folder). Then follow the same steps as in the other option. But if I make a change afterwards, then all you need to do is pull the latest changes ("git pull" from the command line). The cmake step is no longer needed, you can directly open the project file and rebuild it.
I usually do it all from a terminal as I'm used of doing this on linux, but there are also graphical interfaces available on windows to make it even easier.


Downloaded the latest TGUI commit (including SFML 2.1 master) and used CMake to create both debug and release lib/dlls (dynamic versions only).  The latest fix seems to have fixed the problem with clipping of labels (widgets) in panels when using SFML::viewport.  Thanks again for all your help  :)


As I can see, all my issues has been fixed, thank you too!