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Started by texus, 26 June 2014, 18:21:00


This topic will provide some general rules to follow when posting, and small guides on how to solve some common mistakes.

Please read through this topic before posting.


Seach before posting

Read this topic, have a look at the tutorials and documentations, seach on the forum and use a search engine.
The problem you have might have been solved in the past already. It will also save you time because you don't have to wait for the solution until I get online.


Windows: unhandled exception or access violoation

If you are experiencing an unhandled exception or access violoation with tgui, then make sure you check these things before posting.

Windows is very unforgiving, the smallest mistake can lead to very strange behaviour.

Make sure you downloaded the right version
If you downloaded the precompiled library, then the compiler version has to match with your compiler (e.g. VS2012 libs are NOT compatible with VS2013). If there is no package for your exact compiler version, then you have to build tgui yourself.

Make sure that you are linking tgui correctly.
- If you are in release mode, both the tgui and sfml libraries have to be the release versions
- If you are in debug mode, both tgui and sfml libraries have to be the debug versions (-d suffix)
- Either both tgui and sfml have to be linked dynamically, or they both have to be linked statically (-s suffix)

The precompiled tgui libraries require a specific sfml version
If you download tgui libraries, then you cannot choose which sfml version to use. Which sfml version you need is mentioned on the download page. Make sure you use these sfml libraries and not another version. If you need a different sfml version for some reason, you will have to build tgui yourself.

Provide enough detail
If you checked all the obove things, then you can make a topic about it. But PLEASE make sure you checked these things, I don't like if they end up being the reason. If you don't want to have such a hard time installing a library, then you should use a decent OS.
Try to provide the following information so that I can help you more efficiently.
- What compiler version are you using?
- Did you download the precompiled libraries, or did you build from source?
- Are you linking statically, or dynamically?
- If needed/possible, provide a complete but minimal example that I can test.


Linux: error while loading shared libraries

Don't post about the following error, just follow the steps below.
"/pathname/of/program: error while loading shared libraries: libtgui.so: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory"

First try to run "sudo ldconfig", just to be sure that it isn't a caching problem.

Unfortunately a lot of linux distros install to /usr/local/lib by default, but do not have this folder in the linker seach path.
You could edit "/etc/ld.so.conf" and just add a line that contains "/usr/local/lib/" to it. Then run "sudo ldconfig".