Formbuilder Problem

Started by volfin, 28 July 2014, 01:07:35



  First I would like to say, nice library. I'm excited to start using it. But I'm having a problem with the Form Builder. Most everything works fine, except when you try to reload a form to edit it. The forms will load, and you can add more, but there's two odd symptoms:

A) copying and pasting an existing control gets named oddly (often just "(2)")
B) when you save the form, all Widget IDs that were loaded are now blank "".

So basic reproduction is this:

Create a form, add some controls. Save it.

Close Formbuilder, and restart it.

Create a form (since Load doesn't appear at the start for some reason), then choose File->Load and load your form.  Add a new control, then save it.

Examine your form, all the old controls from the load have blank labels.

I'm working in VS2010, but I have tried the formbuilder from VS2013 and the formbuilder from the Git repository, they all behave the same.

Thanks for any help.


Thanks for reporting, I have been able to reproduce it so it will be fixed soon.

I'll try to keep the form builder working for v0.6, but I haven't even decided yet if future versions will still have a form builder. With all the changes in v0.7 I would have to completely rewrite it, which is not something that I'm looking forward to.


The bugs should be fixed in the latest version now:

You will have to recompile the form builder yourself though, I don't feel like booting up my windows to compile the distributed executable right now.


Thanks, that resolved it. :)