[SOLVED]Button within Panel(as child) hoverLeave event not correct

Started by JohnGreek, 03 August 2014, 18:31:29


I have created a panel in my GUI and i set a Button as children with position (0, 0) relative to the panel
when i hover the mouse on the button i receive the event and the image changes, pressed works fine as well
but when i move the mouse while hovering outside the panel while the mouse had hover it stays on hover state. I add the button after i initialize it with tgui::Panel::add(button, "button") but when i create the button i don't set the GUI in the constructor.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Fixed on new release of TGUI v0.6.5


This was a small bug in tgui.

If you download and compile the latest version then the button should no longer remain in hover state.


Thanks for your reply.

I will have to build SFML from source as well no?



Yes and no.

Actually any sfml 2.x version will do. You just have to make sure that the sfml version used to compile tgui is the same as the one used in your project.

But since there is a bug in sfml 2.1 that influences tgui, and sfml 2.0 is even less stable, you are actually adviced to use the github version of sfml.