Pictures drawn ugly

Started by KliPPy, 21 September 2014, 17:30:40


Hello there.
I started to use TGUI with my new project, and so far I like it really much, but there is one problem.
For some reason, .png pictures drawn by TGUI are really ugly, even ones provided in your kit(black style pictures). Take a look at this picture:

As you can see, pictures are not smooth as, for instance, this picture in one of the TGUI tutorials:

I tried with multiple pictures, BabyBlue style and my own pictures.
Do you know why this is happening? I really want to use TGUI, but this is bugging me really much.
Thanks in advance! :)


I am going to need a bit more information.

Could you send a minimal code to reproduce the problem? Or does it also look like that when you copy the example code?
Which TGUI version are u using?
Which compiler are u using?


Us two talked over the E-mail, and I came to conclusion(which is really stupid).

In case this ever happens to someone - it has nothing to do with your application, but with your graphics card. Just increase the mipmap level in your graphics card's settings.

I feel really stupid right now, but... eh.  ;D