0.7dev Compilation error

Started by Heinrich, 06 October 2014, 16:30:32


Great job. I can confirm both release and debug configurations work now.



It was such a stupid mistake on my side in the end.
Last month I noticed that the include wasn't there. But when I took a look at v0.6 I noticed that it wasn't there either. So I simply didn't understand how my code was working, so I just added a note to my todo list to remind me of figuring out what was going on. Since it worked fine in 0.6 I assumed that it would also work in 0.7.
But the file was included in 0.6 as a side-effect of including SFML/Graphics.hpp and I had been minimizing these side-effects in 0.7 exactly to have more control about which include goes where. And ironically that lead to the missing include.

I wish there were free windows VPSs around to avoid these kind of errors. I have like 3 VPSs on which I can (automatically) test TGUI, but they all run linux. And I'm not going to pay $15 each month just to run some tests.

On the other hand, these kind of issues are very rare. Usually I don't touch this part of the code, so this probably won't happen again until 0.8 :).

PS: Nice little edit in the chat box :)