tgui::Picture callback

Started by SDH, 17 December 2014, 10:18:52


Visual Studio 2013
sfml 2.2
tgui 0.6.6

I think code for this isn't needed.
When you will create tgui::Picture::Ptr object you can bind a number to callback but it won't respond.

m_picture = tgui::Picture::Ptr(*fw::g_gui);
m_picture -> bindCallback(tgui::Picture::LeftMouseClicked);
m_picture -> setCallbackId(1);

tgui::Button with callback works, but tgui::Picture don't.


Could you provide a minimal and complete code that does not work for you?
The callback seems to work fine here.


Minimal code works, but for some reason mine code doesn't.
I really can't post code because it's really huge.

I'll let you know what happened.

(sorry for causing you troubles, i know exactly what is it when someone tell that something is malfunctioning)

EDIT: After whole night of searching for any prog. error,  i came to conclusion that picture callback doesn't work.
code structure is same like in here:
I'll do further investigation to be sure.