How to build TGUI on android?

Started by smartly, 07 January 2015, 17:27:33


SFML support iOS & Android.

How to build TGUI on iOS & Android?


TGUI does not support android or ios yet.

I tried to get it working on android a few months ago but I failed to get it running.
My knowledge of the system is lacking (while sfml has two developers for just android) and tgui requires c++11 which means that I can't base the entire cmake code on the one in sfml.

On very short term I don't even have time to work on tgui and when I do, I want to finish the most important stuff in v0.7 first. So my next attempt to port it to android will probably be in august or something.

I don't have an iOS device but I may be able get it working on an emulator if I can set up an OS X on my pc again. But android has a bigger priority (since it is easier for me to test).


TGUI now has experimental Android support!

The tutorial for it can be found here: