Vertical Green Bars on Widgets

Started by DAL, 27 March 2015, 13:02:33


Has anyone seen something like this before? (see image below)
And could point me to a solution?

I’m using
SMFL 2.2
TGUI v0.6.7 Precompiled for VS2010
Windows XP
Tutorial code from website
I also have the same problem on test code I wrote.


Green bars are new, but I have seen image corruption on these places in the images before.
I suspect that it is related to the graphics driver, you should try updating it.

You can verify that the problem is not related to tgui by testing this code
// Load a small to medium sized texture, set it to repeat
sf::Texture texture;

// Create the sprite and give it a texture rect that is several times larger than the size of the texture
sf::Sprite sprite;
sprite.setTextureRect({0, 0, 800, 600});

// Draw the sprite and see if it displays without gaps between the repeated texture

If updating the graphics driver does not help and the above code also fails to display correctly then you will have to use v0.7-dev which by default relies on stretching images instead of texture repeating.


Thank you for quick response!
Updating video driver does not seem to work, so looks like I’ll be trying 0.7