FullExample doesn't work for me...

Started by Ezekiel, 02 June 2015, 13:24:15


Greetings All...

I have been battling the widgets for a while on my code, so I tried to use the "FullExample" code to see if I was missing something, however the response was quite similar.

I had to make some code changes to pass compilation since my project and the folders don't have the same relation position...

tgui::Gui gui(window);
tgui::setResourcePath("../../../TGUI-0.6/examples/FullExample");//added below above line
child->setIcon("../../../TGUI-0.6/examples/icon.jpg");//added below above line
texture.loadFromFile("../../../TGUI-0.6/examples/ThinkLinux.jpg");//added below above line

In Debug, in the console I received 10 copies of the same warning...
"An internal OpenGL call failed in Texture.cpp (391) : GL_INVALID_OPERATION, the specified operation is not allowed in the current state"

The Window works fine, except the graphics...

...screenshot.png is attached, it didn't tell me how attach the image.  I can click and move the strange blocks around if I check the picture on the webpage to expect what should happen.

My current computer setup
-AMD 64 X2 5200
-Widows 7 64
-Radeon X1950
-Visual Studio 2013
-TGUI-0.6.8 Visual C++12 (2013) - 32bit

I hope I provided the proper information.



Does using sfml without tgui (using sf::Text) display correctly?
Because it looks like rendering is broken and you should update your graphics driver.


I have already done that with my own project yesterday to see if it was working, see the screenshot_withSfmlText.png.  It does both at the same time.

Notice the previous screenshot.png, some of the widgets work fine as well, the menu ->'File', (plus 'Load', 'Save', 'Exit' which you can't see on the screenshot), and also the title of the 'Child window'.  There may be something slightly different between those and the other widgets.

I also already reinstalled my graphics card today, although I think I already had the newest possible for my card, my computer window was recently reloaded.

I also tried increase the mipmap level on my card, after I read the 'Pictures drawn ugly' post.  It was at the highest level and I tried all the lower levels. No change.

I will see if I can make an image work under SFML, but that will probably be done tomorrow.


I found there is an SFML 2.3 error displaying a picture file.  I have previous projects that work fine when compiled with SMFL 2.1, however recompiling them with SFML 2.3 has some text that resemble the screenshots I attached previously.

I did have a suggestion on the SFML forum about a year ago telling me my problem was due to my graphics card, and upgrading my driver solved it.  However, now there's no more-up-to-date driver available than the one I'm using.  That subject is no longer posted on the forum or I can't find it, so I can't check what the exactly graphics issue was.  I have an inferior graphics card I can swap out to test if that's the problem.

Anyway, I appreciate your response and this looks like it's an SFML 2.3 issue, so I will take that there after my graphics card testing is finished.  There wouldn't be a way of testing SFML 2.1 with TGUI-0.6.8 Visual C++12 (2013) - 32bit?



QuoteThat subject is no longer posted on the forum or I can't find it
I guess it is this one: https://en.sfml-dev.org/forums/index.php?topic=12611.0
In your profile you can find the posts you made.

Quotea way of testing SFML 2.1 with TGUI-0.6.8 Visual C++12 (2013) - 32bit?
The precompiled library in the download is only compatible with sfml 2.3 (thats just how libraries work on windows, they are only compatible with one specific version). So if you want to use tgui with sfml 2.1 then you will have to compile tgui yourself with cmake.


I have swapped out my X1950XTX with the lower GeForce 7600GT and the FullExample looks as it should, your graphics card driver prediction was accurate, however there was no better driver available as I feared.  At least now I can proceed on my project now.

Good find on my post I couldn't find.  I signed in the other day and thought I didn't have anything posted when it said I have 0 messages, I know now messages and posts are completely different and I didn't check the correct page displaying the post records.

It's good to hear TGUI-0.6.8 can be used with SFML-2.1 can work with cmake.  Sometime the progress is one direction, for instance if the 2.3 version has added or altered interface functions.  With a working graphics card installed, I can procrastinate learning everything I need to know about cmake a little longer.  I can keep that as an option if I switch back to my more powerful card if I need to use it before I find a better one.



Quotehowever there was no better driver available as I feared
If the problem is specific to the driver that you use then downgrading might work, but it is just as possible that it won't change anything or even make things worse.

QuoteIt's good to hear TGUI-0.6.8 can be used with SFML-2.1 can work with cmake.
Actually I just remembered that you can't use TGUI 0.6.8 with SFML 2.1. You need at least SFML 2.2.
Although if really needed you could download TGUI 0.6.6 from github which was still compatible with any SFML 2.x.