MenuBar : setTextColor doesn't works !

Started by Djer, 17 June 2015, 22:49:46



I report that it is actually (in 0.6.6 version) not possible to change the text color of a MenuBar, I tested it with the .conf file and with the setTextColor().
We can just change the SelectedTextColor but not the TextColor.

A simple oversight ?

Thanks you yet for the library ! :)


It works fine here with either the config file or setTextColor. Could you show some minimal code in which it fails for you?


Oh very sorry I made a mistake, I setted the color somewhere in my code... !

Promised next time I'll be more careful before to post.


Just try to make a minimal example before posting. If you make a mistake like this one then you will most likely find it yourself while making the example, and otherwise I will ask for an example anyway :).