TextBox WordWrap

Started by erbemirbe, 19 August 2015, 15:12:32


In the TextBox class: Add a default feature of using word wrapping instead of line wrapping, so that words are not cut in the middle but instead moved to the next line when they do not fit on the current line. And potentially a way to easily switch between the two wrap modes. (Words with a width larger than the TextBox width can be split across multiple lines without word wrapping though.)

I Love TGUI. It is super useful and easy to use.
I want to give you a big thanks providing it.


The TextBox that is in tgui 0.6 hasn't changed a lot since it was first written in 0.4 so it has a lot of limitations. You should consider upgrading to v0.7-dev where the text box has been completely rewritten. The performance was improved drastically and it has word wrap. You can't choose how it wraps though, it will always split on words (unless of course the entire word is longer than the width then it has to be split somewhere).