v0.7 listbox textsize

Started by starkhorn, 12 September 2015, 03:06:38


Hi Texus,

I cannot seem to locate a setTextSize method for a listbox - (i.e. chatbox has such a method so I was looking for something similiar).

I see there is a setItemHeight method but in the documents is says "This size is always a little big greater than the text size."

So is this what actually determines the text size in a listbox?


Yeah, text size is currently 0.8 * item height.
But a setTextSize function will be added during the internal text rewrite that I have planned for 0.7-alpha2, so you will be able to set a different value in the future. I'm actually starting that rewrite today, hopefully I get it done by next week, otherwise it may have to be delayed several months.