SIGTRAP signal

Started by Daeloce, 24 December 2015, 11:39:44


Good day.

I use this example: and get SIGTRAP signal on line: "gui.setFont("font/DejaVuSans.ttf");" This error I get only on Windows, on the Linux I don't get this error with same version of SFML and TGUI.

Windows 8 x64
MinGW 4.8.3 x64
SFML 2.3.2
TGUI v0.7-dev
SFML and TGUI linked dynamically


Knowing that on windows everything has to match perfectly with each other while on linux it doesn't matter what you link, this sounds like something wrong being linked.

Since you mention you are using MinGW 4.8.3, my first guess would be that you are using the precompiled TGUI libraries which were compiled for MinGW 4.7 instead of compiling TGUI yourself for MinGW 4.8.3?


I compiled SFML and TGUI from source, and used for this MinGW 4.8.3 compiler.


I should have known that since you said 0.7-dev, there are no precompiled libraries for that version. But linking problems are the most common reason why tgui crashes on windows which is why I automatically assumed that this is another similar case.

I can't really think of anything other than a wrong library that could cause such crash though.

You didn't have any other tgui version installed before?

Are you compiling as Release with both SFML and TGUI compiled in Release, or in Debug with both libraries compiled as Debug? If they are all in debug perhaps you could show the callstack? That might indicate where it is crashing exactly.


So, it is SFML problem. sf::String crashing in destructor if this string is empty. I created issue in their github. Thank you for answer.


Using other compiler(TDM) fix this problem.