Error : Expected '{' or ':', found 'T' instead.

Started by billarhos, 04 January 2016, 10:48:40


Hi Texus and happy new year.
Just download latest tgui from github and run my project with the new built libraries. However, i got this error in DataIO::parse

"Error while parsing input. Expected '{' or ':', found 'T' instead."

This is happening whatever widget i tried to load.

I have change nothing the last three months. I build everything in the way i did.

the block "if (stream.peek() == '#')" is missing in this version of tgui


Happy new year to you too.

I have indeed removed the possibility to start comments with '#' in the theme files because I found out that the symbol was also used to store colors in the form of #00FF00. So you will have to use // instead (both ways were supported earlier).


Thanks for the tip...

Here is some code for anybody who want to set select the text into an edit box via code:
sf::Event::KeyEvent event;
event.alt = false;
vent.shift = false;
event.system = false;
event.control = true;
event.code = sf::Keyboard::A;

hope in the future u add a setTextSelect function to widgets like edit box


Why would you need to select text inside the editbox from your code?


Thanks for being interested Texus.

It is a project of mine that is quite demanding on tgui. If u have windows pc, i can make a free version for u (using sentinel hasp key) and send a setup in your email (i don't have it) if u still interested. So u can see yourself where i need this functionality.


Although I'm always interested to see where tgui is used, I'm only asking for a simple explanation on why you need to do this. I'm not going to add a function to edit box if it has no use, but if you can give me a use case then I will add such a select function. The function would be editBox->select(begin index, end index) rather than the setTextSelect that you suggest, but it can do the same. I currently just can't come up with any situation in which you would need such function.

I only use windows when I have to, I'm normally always on linux.


i just made a video that has more to tell u than my mouth have.
On sixth edit box when the key 'enter'  is pressed the "amount" edit box text is setting selected.
This is helping speeding up the whole process!


That is indeed a good enough reason. Since exact control about what is being selected isn't really needed, I will just add a selectText() function which will select the entire text of the edit box. I still have to study a bit and I'm also working on adding a built-in font in tgui, so I'll add the function after that. So you can expect it in several hours or otherwise tomorrow.


To be honest i made a similar function by just borrowing the code from "ctrl+A" from keyPressed function. On second thoughts i remove it and implemented with the code in previous post.

Do not bother to finish it quickly. I am glad that u will add this.
When i 'll finish my project i will share all my ideas for tgui. U will be surprized for what tgui can do!

And please correct the tip on facebook-twitter (switch) when hovering mouse on forum site!! ha!


The selectText function has been added in the latest version. If I don't do small changes like this right away then it would probably be forgotten.

QuoteAnd please correct the tip on facebook-twitter (switch) when hovering mouse on forum site!! ha!
Haha, nice catch. I have fixed it now but the old css file will still remain cached for a while.