TGUI v0.7 signal names

Started by Djer, 07 January 2016, 11:34:09



I would like to upgrade my TGUI version.
So I read the v0.7 tutorials and I saw that the type of signal is now represented by a string instead of an enum.
I looked for the different values we can use (like : "pressed", "clicked", "checked" ...) in the documentation but I didn't see them ... :/

Is there a list of that values somewhere?  :)


They are in the documentation, they are just spread over multiple places and are a bit hard to find.
The detailed description of the widget always tells you which signals are available in that class, but you would have to go check the base classes as well.
So in the description of Button you find a link to ClickableWidget of which the detailed description contains more signals and a link to the Widget class which contains the signals that all widgets share.