Is there a way to call a "Save As" dialog ?

Started by Aiiro, 08 January 2016, 15:00:05



So I need to ask the user on where he wants to save a file or open one, I already tried to see with wxWidgets, but I don't really know how to implemant tgui with this.
Anyone already had done this before ?

Thanks in advance,



I once started writing this but I never finished it. It is planned to be added in the future, but nowhere soon.
If you only need it on windows then you can simply use some windows api calls, but if your program has to be cross-platform then it is going to be more complicated. Using wxWidgets might be possible, but it might not work out of the box together with sfml. Using it with tgui won't be a problem once you have it working with sfml.


Alright, no problems, I think it would be a great addition if you have the time to.
I'll look into Windows API since it won't be used on another platform.

Thanks for the information.