Disable colors

Started by roccio, 27 June 2016, 16:32:01


is possible to define disabled colors for the widget in the theme file?
I was unable to find something.

Thank you.


No, unfortunately there is currently no way to make a disabled widget look different.
You will have to workaround by either having 2 widgets (one shown when disabled, the other for normal use) or by changing the colors inside the code when the widget gets disabled or enabled.

Adding options for colors and images for the disabled state shouldn't be a problem for future tgui version, it is just a lot of work (because there would have to be functions for changing background colors, text colors, background images and maybe even border colors for this extra state). But it will probably be added in 0.8-dev because the change is too big (the 0.7 branch and my private 0.8-dev branches are not compatible thus any change made in 0.7 has to be manually be made in 0.8-dev as well which would double the amount of work).


That makes sense, thank you.