Crash 32 bit debug

Started by roccio, 29 July 2016, 16:42:18


Hello, I am trying to make my application work for 32 bit machines. I use Visual Studio 2015 under win 10. I have downloaded the tgui libs for x86 and I can compile without problems.
Even if I run in release mode all works ok, only when trying to run in debug mode.

Here a very little test

#include <TGUI/TGUI.hpp>

int main()
tgui::Theme::Ptr theme = std::make_shared<tgui::Theme>("gui.cfg");
if (theme != nullptr)
tgui::Label::Ptr LABEL_TEMPLATE = theme->load("label");

return 0;

and here is the config file

Label {
    TextColor : (10, 10, 10);

Any ideas?

Thank you


Perhaps you are still linking to the release libraries of SFML or TGUI?


No, it seems correct. And doing the same on the 64 bit all works well.


Could you send me the .vcxproj file of your project (e.g. attach it to your forum post)?


It is quite complex, as it it part of a big project. But the error must have been from my side, as I recompiled the whole project and now it works.

Thank you.