Combobox with many many items

Started by roccio, 19 August 2016, 16:45:30


Hello, I need a combobox with many items, (say over 1000), but if I add all the creation is very slow and even change item is a pain (better in release, but debug it's unusable). It there a workaround for this? Maybe I can load a little number of items (say 20) and when moving the list reload the correct ones. How can I do something like that? Or if are there better solution...

thank you


Why would you need a combo box with so many items?
I can't imagine it to be practical if a user has to select something from such a long list.

The ListBox is indeed not optimized for many items (and ComboBox uses the ListBox internally). I could try to optimize it if necessary.


You have made the right question and I must rethink the way the user has to choose a value. That list is a monster, and unusable for everyone. Don't need to put hands on that stuff, thank you!