Trouble Loading Theme

Started by Crimsowned, 15 October 2017, 18:51:25


I've been trying to use themes. At first I thought it was me, but then I tried running the scalable example and I got the same error. It seems the program does not manage to find the theme file.
This is the full path to Black.txt : "C:\Users\charles\TGUI\widgets\Black.txt"

I'm using tgui-0.7.5 and VS 2017.



Does it work when you use tgui::Theme::create("C:\Users\charles\TGUI\widgets\Black.txt") ?
Depending on how the executable is run, the file will be searched relative to the executable directory or the IDE project. The code you showed would only work when the executable is placed in "C:\Users\charles" and ran from there.


Ok it works like that. You also cleared up a few things, thanks! :D