TransparentGrey and BabyBlue themes bug

Started by doomista, 19 November 2017, 15:04:54



I ran into a problem when experimenting with themes bundled with tgui (v0.7). I have copied whole widgets folder to my project's folder. I managed to load theme Black.txt and create ChildWindow from it without any problems (using relative paths). But when I try to load either TransparentGrey or BabyBlue, program throws an exception at the moment where ChildWindow should be created.

The problem is not in paths. I have copied whole contents of TransparentGrey over original content of Black and program crashed too. I restored original Black's contents and program ran just fine. Also I've only copied ChildWindow section from TransparentGrey into Black and overwritten original Black's ChildWindow. That worked. So I assume that somewhere in both TransparentGrey and BabyBlue there is some syntax error.


I think this issue has been fixed already, could you try with putting this in the file: (that is the contents in the upcoming 0.7.6 release)


Yup, this works, sorry for the duplicate. Looking forward for 0.7.6 :)