Upside down slider issue

Started by billarhos, 18 January 2018, 16:18:54


Hi Texus.

I am trying to make a sound equalizer with vertical sliders to adjust low, mid , high frequencies.
However there is no way to set positive number to up and negatives to down side of sliders.


Photo shows better what i try to achive.

Also, it would be great, to have a step value for slider (i know is a mess).


You should try TGUI 0.8-dev, it uses floats for slider values (so negative should be possible) and there is a step size.
In the download on the website this "step" is still called "frequency", but I renamed it to "step" in the very latest version (downloadable from a few days ago.


Hi Texus, glad to hear that 'step' and 'floats' are implemented in 0.8. I ll stick to old cause i think is mature and stable. I 'll try it when it finished.
I do not know if you understand me. I can put negative values to slider but i can not make it, to have the positive value on upper side and the negative
value on the down side (i am using vertical align). In my case i set (min = -20) and (max = 20).


I see what you mean now (I didn't read your first post carefully enough). I'll add a setInvertedDirection function or something.

I perfectly understand that you want to stick to the stable version.
I've been working on 0.8-dev for more than 1.5 years already so what is stable to others feels old to me though :)
I have the same dilemma as I had with 0.7, I have many improvements that I want people to use but a lot of people won't (and probably shouldn't) use it because it isn't stable yet. I can either spend the next 2 years improving 0.8-dev until I consider it finished, but still see many people download the old version until that happens, or I can release 0.8 before it is really finished. I haven't really given it much thought yet, but considering I'm only one small rewrite away from an alpha version and knowing that 0.7-alpha was turned into 0.7.0 without a beta release in between, there might be a stable 0.8.0 release sooner than anyone might expect (still months away though).


It is good enough for me Texus and i understand perfectly your worries and thoughts.
In first place i added my issue to "feature requests forum category", and i have no expectations to improve 0.7 as you been already to 0.8.

Certainly i start using 0.8 one day. That's for sure.
In attachment there are some photos from my latest project. Configuration forms has been made with TGUI.