Style in ChatBox Lines

Started by Thalins, 30 November 2018, 14:58:16



I'm using this library to make a D&D application, sort of like Roll20 or something. Chat, interactive character sheets, etc. Suffice to say I rely pretty heavily on the ChatBox, and one thing that I think would be quite helpful is to be able to set a style for new lines, much in the same way you can with color. It should be simple to implement as well, since Lines are already based on Text, which already has Style as an option.


I can see the usefulness and it's easy to implement so... consider it done. Literally.
You can already download the version where you can set a text style in ChatBox from but you will have to compile it yourself with cmake. It will be included in 0.8.2 which will be released in a month or so.