Exseption std::bad_array_new_length

Started by alexsey, 02 January 2019, 21:24:50


after i linked Tgui i tried start a test project, but i got an exseption in row  gui.add(picture);
piece of cod:
auto picture = tgui::Picture::create("start_button.png");
   picture->setSize({ "100%", "100%" });

An unhandled exception occurred at 0x00007FF9B35E8E6C в Test_TGUI.exe: exseption Microsoft C++: std::bad_array_new_length to memory address 0x00000090CDACCC00.,


You should double check that you aren't linking debug libraries in release mode or the other way around.
If that isn't the problem (and I hope it is because it is the only explanation that I currently have for such a crash) then I will need a bit more info:
Is the setSize call or the parameter to the create function required to get the crash?
Which version of SFML and TGUI libraries are you using?
What compiler are you using?
Did you download the SFML and TGUI libraries or did you compile them yourself with cmake?