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cmake error

Started by billarhos, 11 September 2019, 15:50:05


Hi Texus. I have a major problem with cmake. I have install varius versions but with the same error.

Error shown in photo.


I've recently used VS2019 without any issues. It looks to me that you don't have the command line compiler of VS2019 installed. Did you choose to install the build tools for c++ when installing VS2019?
Does it work with other libraries, e.g. SFML?

Edit: maybe you need to select the Win64 generator instead? I think they defaulted to 64bit compilers on 64bit Windows with VS2019.


hi Texus. Sorry for my late responce. I 've travelled to Germany.
yes u were right about the build tools in vs. I took my laptop and i had some minimum stuff downloaded in visual studio.

I have some other issue.

picture = tgui::Picture::create(); this is working
Quotepicture->getRenderer()->setTexture(texture); this is crashing
picture = tgui::Picture::create(texture);this is crashing

a. with older drivers the program is working (windows 10 64 bit) but it is laggy (slow).
b. opengl is downgrading to 2.1. ( i set 3.0)
c. much older sfml and tgui version (2017 era) was working just fine.
d. no windows updates, no drivers updates since 2015.
e. intel Q45/Q43 chipset (vga)
f. in previous version i did not used picture widget but i was using sfml's image.

have u any thoughts?


Quotewith older drivers the program is working
If the same code is working with an older driver then it would appear to be an issue with the newer driver, but then it should also crash when using sf::Texture and sf::Sprite directly.
With such a weird crash, the only thing really comes to mind if it doesn't happen in SFML is some incompatibility between SFML and TGUI, i.e. TGUI not being compiled with the SFML version that you use in your project.

Quoteopengl is downgrading to 2.1. ( i set 3.0)
This is probably due to the driver, but unless you want to use opengl directly it won't make a difference.

Quoteno windows updates, no drivers updates since 2015.
It might help to install windows updates if they are available, I've had some weird issues with SFML magically go in the past away after updating the old windows pc.

Quotemuch older sfml and tgui version (2017 era) was working just fine.
TGUI still supports these older SFML versions. So perhaps you could try building TGUI with an older SFML version. If that works then you know it is due to the newer SFML version, if it doesn't work then it might still be something about the newer TGUI version.