Widget for viewing HTML or markdown

Started by Kvaz1r, 21 November 2019, 20:11:23


In GUI application often need provide some report for user and supporting HTML or at least md format so to have such widget would be really great. 


HTML is rather complex and I'm not sure even a markdown renderer is in the scope of a gui library.

This request consists of 2 phases to me:
1) Create some kind of RichTextLabel that allows rendering text with different colors and text styles.
2) Implement an HTML or markdown widget that uses the RichTextLabel internally.

Although I would love to have both of these things in TGUI, it is very unlikely that the second phase will be implemented unless someone contributes it.
The RichTextLabel is something that is already on the TODO list, but it also shouldn't be expected anywhere soon.


Yes it's totally understandable that such widget is very hard to implement.
As for RichTextControl is it possible to have also image support in it? Such type also can be used quite wide.