"Keyword list"

Started by RamblingBaba, 27 January 2020, 16:40:05



So I'm looking through the documentation regarding "string keywords" for some functions (like connect). But the tutorial leaves it too vague and assumed such as "pressed" etc. It seems to be the common sense of "pressed" "MouseUp". But is there an actual list of all these without searching function by function? As much common sense as it seems, I'm sure I might not be thinking of the correct keyword when I'm trying to do something. For example, is it "scroll" "slide" "drag"? So a list would be great!

PS: Very nice GUI for SFML. By far the most productive and least confusing out of the few I tried. Also, are there any really nice screenshots of this being used in games? I have seen a few (not necessarily games), but the gallery isn't very big. 


I haven't added it to the tutorial yet (I'll try to do so soon), but you can find the signal supported by each widget in the tgui::Signals namespace: https://tgui.eu/documentation/0.8/namespacetgui_1_1Signals.html


Thanks, exactly what I was looking for!