Menu item clicks

Started by Palace, 14 September 2020, 16:15:17


Hi There

Just started playing around with 0.9 and as others have mentioned there is no connect. I realise it is still a work in progress but it's looking great so far. I see for menu items there is OnMenuItemClick. I can give it a lambda function OK but struggling to work out how to reference a specific item. I did see in the code the connectMenuItem and can use something like this that works fine-
Code (cpp) Select
menu->connectMenuItem({ "File","Exit" }, [&](){ ExitClicked(); });

Is is OK to use this rather than OnMenuItemClick as that function doesn't seem to take the { "File","Exit" } as an option for an item.

Regards Peter


The connectMenuItem function is still the correct way to do this (and it just calls onMenuItemClick internally). Although it is a bit weird that all other connects are handled by onXxx, it has always been a bit of a weird function (since every other signal used the normal "connect" function while here you needed "connectMenuItem"). I don't immediately see a better way to do it, so connectMenuItem is likely going to remain unchanged.


Thanks Texus. Thought that might be the case. Still getting my head around the code, but it did seem different.

Cheers Peter