tgui::FileDialog within a pop-up window.

Started by DJuego, 23 April 2021, 21:37:25


Hi! I am using the new FileDialog Widget for the first time.  I can manipulate the dialog box inside the RenderWindow. Good.

However I am not able to create the dialog box in a separate, independent window that I can move freely across the desktop.  :( Maybe it is not possible? And if possible, can you direct me to an example code?

An animated GIF showing the result obtained so far:




TGUI is probably not the best option for such case. The FileDialog widget was added in cases where you basically wouldn't want to have an external window.

You might be better of using something like or


Thank you very much for your quick response!  :D

First of all thank you for the great effort you have put into TGUI. It is a GUI that I love! I recently upgraded to 0.9.1 (I actually use the "master") and it just keeps getting better and better. I am also delighted with the gui-builder. It helps a lot!!  :-*

I suspected it. I understand this TGUI limitation. I had several alternatives in mind but the one you have proposed is by far the best. I have tested portable-file-dialogs and it does perfectly what I wanted. Also, I like its simplicity and header-only nature. Thanks for that too!