Widget config files bug

Started by netrick, 19 July 2013, 09:28:42


I think it's a bug:

- in widgets/Slider2D there is black.conf file (there should be just one global I think)
- in widgets/Slider2D there is no BabyBlue folder
- in global BabyBlue.conf and Black.conf there is no mention of slider 2D

Check it out yourself.


That's because I don't think Slider2d should be a widget that belongs to the Black theme.
My original idea for Slider2d was to create something like a color scheme.

I kept it seperately because I don't think people will need to use a slider2d with these image very much.

There just are no images that fit with the BabyBlue style (just like for Tab, although this is going to be added later).