TGUI 0.9.3 Basic example, cant read text

Started by raddepadde, 07 May 2022, 21:02:51


Hello, I downloaded TGUI source code and compiled it with SDL backend in a basic example from your tutorials page.

The problem is i cant read text in UI elements such as buttons or colorPicker.

I thought maybe there was a problem with the x64 version, so I compiled and linked it for win32, but the problem is exactly the same.

Is there some preprocessor definition missing, or what am I doing wrong?
Maybe something obvious in cmake? Which I've never used before?


I'm guessing there is some incompatibility with the libraries used, or a bug that only occurs in specific versions. I'll need to check if I can reproduce the same issue here.
Which parameters did you set in cmake to build TGUI?
Which versions of SDL and SDL_ttf are you using?

I've been able to reproduce this, I'll look into the issue.
Considering even the 0.9.1 release seems to suffer from this issue, I'm assuming it was introduced by an update in one of TGUI's dependencies (most likely SDL_ttf). Text rendering in TGUI 0.10 seems to still be fine (in all backends), but this is because it uses a completely different method to render the text.

Note that for the SDL backend, I do recommend using TGUI 0.10 instead of 0.9 as it has seen some improvements to its backends and it supports both an SDL backend with OpenGL (like the 0.9 backend) and one that uses SDL_Renderer.

Update: While I don't know what caused it to break in the first place, I have fixed the issue in the 0.9 branch on github.


Thank you, the new 0.9 branch is working!