GUI Builder

Started by rbenn674, 06 December 2022, 21:06:39


This is a really helpful and useful tool.  It would be very beneficial to add a "Control Z" or undo / redo button. Also, draggable widgets in the layer list to move them from group to group would be helpful. Maybe I can help with this in time.


I agree that it would be very useful, but it is more challenging to implement than you might think at first sight.

One positive thing about implementing ctrl+Z is that not everything has to be supported initially: an early implementation might only undo some things while some other actions and edge cases can be implemented later. A partial implementation is not ideal, but it is still better than not being able to undo at all.

I currently have some other tasks that I want to get done first, so I won't be attempting to implement this myself soon. Help is always welcome, but if you or someone else doesn't contribute it then eventually I will add this myself.


I agree it will be a fair challenge. It may require rewriting some other parts of the code in order to "log" each action in parts. But just like you mentioned a partial functionality allowing the undo of a single deletion or moved object would be great.