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Help requests / a question about extending class editbox or other
« on: 30 September 2015, 19:35:57 »
I would add to the edit box a different text color when they are enabled or disabled.
there is an easy way to add this property to editbox?
(only with the application program, without touching the library TGUI v0.7)

I saw that if the edit boxes are added to a panel, these inherit the enabled / disabled state of the panel.

However, they do not have a visual indication of this state.

currently, I change the color of text one by one.

I saw that you can make a class that inherits the EditBox and add a method (for example add ebxC ())

The compilation does not give error.
But I do not know if / or how it can be added to a panel.

if there was a simple solution and you give me an example I would be grateful.
Anyway thank you very much.


(translated from Italian by Google)

Help requests / Re: help for tgui v0.7 listbox change text colors
« on: 30 September 2015, 07:58:01 »
i try casually this code and it give me the result that i want:


is it correct?

Help requests / help for tgui v0.7 listbox change text colors
« on: 30 September 2015, 06:32:53 »
    i have the following code:
   tgui::ListBox::Ptr listBox =  theme->load("ListBox");
    listBox->setPosition(10, 240);
    listBox->setSize(410-10, 420);
   how can i change TextColor Normal and Hover ?
   i see that there is a getRenderer()  and a ListBoxRenderer()
   but i'm not be able to use it because of my lack in knowledge of c++ syntax.
   if possible, can you help me with a little example for how change colors?
   (for example making normal text color black  and hover white)

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