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Perfect! Designing with that limitation shouldn't be a problem for me. Thanks much :)

General Discussion / Questions about performance and babyblue theme
« on: 20 November 2016, 18:29:14 »
Hello! First of all, thanks for making this awesome software, it looks great :) I've got two questions.

1. I've noticed that every widget makes its own draw call. I'm hoping to support low end, integrated graphics chips. Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how many draw calls I have to work with, or is this a oversimplification of the issue? If so, the question becomes how many GUI elements can I have, assuming an even mix of buttons, ComboBoxes, and ListBoxes. Right now my game does a lot of finagling to draw everything in three calls, except for the GUI.

2. I've selected the BabyBlue theme, and I remember seeing somewhere an attribution "based on this:" with a link to a website which said it was a freebie, but did not include any sort of licensing information. Would it be risky to distribute this file with GPLd software? Should I just be careful how I phrase the licensing to be clear that it doesn't include this image?

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