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Help requests / Change mouse pointer when resizing childwindow
« on: 06 July 2020, 12:32:54 »
Hello Texus,

I'm searching how to change the mouse pointer when resizing childwindow. I have searched but did not found anything so far.

Is it possible to change the mouse pointer into double arrows when the position of the pointer is ResizableBorderWidth coordinates ?

Thanks by advance,



TGUI_DEPRECATED("Use leftMouseButtonNoLongerDown instead") virtual void mouseNoLongerDown();

I have this warning all the time when i am compiling. I am not using it in my code. How can i stop those warnings ?

Also, when compiling on Raspberry Pi, The OS crashes (yes the OS) just before this message (if we compare the logs from windows). Note that TGUI has been installed with succces as we are compiling exemple codes just fine.

is it possible that the crash could be related to the message ? For me, not ... but my dev-mate thinks so ...

news of the project : We're still working on it ... cleaning a lot of things, before adding new features.

Thanks by advance.

Help requests / Signals, unbound parameter
« on: 01 June 2020, 16:58:51 »

I'm trying to connect the SizeChanged signal from a child window.

I followed the tutorial and tried to do a simple thing to test :

void Ch_window::_test()
    cout<<"size changed"<<endl;

void Ch_window::channels_window (sf::RenderWindow &window, tgui::Gui& gui)
    auto channels = tgui::ChildWindow::create();
    channels->getRenderer()->setTitleBarColor(sf::Color(20, 30, 60));
    channels->getRenderer()->setBorderColor(sf::Color(20, 30, 60));
    channels->connect("SizeChanged", _test);

this give me an error when i run the program

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'tgui::Exception'
  what():  Signal 'SizeChanged' could not provide data for unbound parameters.

i search about thes unbound parameters but did not find much. what i understand is that SizeChanged signal wants to give something to my function but i did not set arguments to my fuction to receive it.

is it newsize ? my _test function should havec a vector2f as argument ? ***edit*** seems not, void _test(sf::Vector2f new_size) did not changed anything.

thanks by advance,



I'm setting a scrollbar in a child window, i first tried with layouts, this should have been cool to


but the scrollbar is moving within the container when i move the window like it was not using relative coordinates, it just won't stay right of the window.

so i tried :

scrollbar->setPosition(sf::Vector2f(container->getSize().x - scrollbar->getSize().x, 0));

The scrollbar moves with the window as expected but stays in place when the window is resized, just like the window size is not updated.

I know it is a noob issue, but still, i can't figure how to fix it as it is my first day using TGUI. any idea ?



Help requests / SFML drawing into a child window
« on: 25 May 2020, 18:31:07 »

I'm new to TGUI and kind of rookie in programming, so please be kind !

i'm searching how to draw some SFML stuff into a tgui child window, i understood how to create the child window widget, adding widgets to a parent widget, so i have my child window on screen. sfml graphics are ready and i can display them in sfml main window.

What i want to do is an interface with multiple windows that can dock together like magnetic links. Most of the windows will have SFML draws inside. The windows will have to be inside the main sfml window. Any clue with that ? or Tgui child windows can only contain tgui widgets ? I like how i can configure Child windows with TGUI so i would prefer to be able to draw inside than create multiple ugly sfml windows.

Thanks for your answers



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