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Help requests / Main Window crashes and stuff
« on: 29 August 2013, 21:09:52 »
Here is my code:

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#include <TGUI/TGUI.hpp>

int main()
    // Create the window
    sf::RenderWindow window(sf::VideoMode(1024,576), "Window");
    tgui::Gui gui(window);
    // Load the font (you should check the return value to make sure that it is loaded)
    while (window.isOpen())
        sf::Event event;
        while (window.pollEvent(event))
            if (event.type == sf::Event::Closed)
            // Pass the event to all the widgets (if there would be widgets)
        // Draw all created widgets
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

Pretty much a copy of the tutorial, with some modifications.

So, I build and the console and window comes up(completely white). Pauses for  a few seconds, and stops working.

I have a form.txt and images folder from the form builder app. So I do not know what is wrong.

Help requests / Form Builder does not work.
« on: 28 August 2013, 05:21:50 »
I recently started using TGUI in my SFML project. I am making a media player. So, I get the pre-compiled VS 2012 binaries and realize that it doesn't come with Form Builder.(You might want to change that. It is frustrating)
So I download the precompiled MinGW 5.2 binaries and it (thankfully) does come with FB. However, when I run the exe, All the windows come up, but they are unmovable and all the buttons are unclickable except for the main X button. I really would like to use this, and I can't use it effectively until FB is working. I hope the FB will be available soon. Can you tell me where/how/when I can get it?


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