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Help requests / Editbox does not return entered text
« on: 12 June 2014, 07:30:42 »
Hello! I have a problem with an Editbox whitch does not return anything but  text i set with
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edit_box->setText("hello");. I created the widget from form. The strange thing is i have many widgets of this type whitch are working, but this is driving me crazy. I have the same code, the same structure for all.  Is there a general problem like this with those editboxes?

This is how i get the text from editbox.

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tgui::EditBox::Ptr           nume= gui->get("numeDeAnulat"),
prenume= gui->get("prenumeDeAnulat"),
cnp= gui->get("cnpDeAnulat");

std::string xnume= nume->getText().toAnsiString(),
xprenume= prenume->getText().toAnsiString(),
xcnp= cnp->getText().toAnsiString();

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