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General Discussion / update the progressbars
« on: 28 July 2016, 12:28:20 »
Sorry for my bad english and thinks for your libray.
i want update the progressbars for my entite but i don t know how do that.

i have a class how initializes progressBars.
Code: [Select]
for (unsigned int i=0 ;i<m_eRPG->m_lavie.size();i++){
        std::cout<<"nb de progresse bar "<<i<<std::endl;
        tgui::ProgressBar::Ptr progressBar ;
        progressBar = theme->load("ProgressBar");
        progressBar->setSize(30, 5);

and i have a update for the positions with widgets and it s ok

Code: [Select]
void guiWorld::update(sf::View v){

    std::cout<<"widgets ="<<m_gui.getWidgets().size()<<std::endl;

    for(int i=0;i<m_gui.getWidgets().size();i++){
         m_gui.getWidgets()[i]->setPosition(m_eRPG->m_lavie[i]->getPosition().x*32+5,  m_eRPG->m_lavie[i]->getPosition().y*32-30);


but for update progressBar->setValue i don't know how do to have the progressBars ?

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