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General Discussion / Time for new bug.
« on: 07 November 2016, 14:43:22 »
Hi again Texus :D
1. If MenuBar parented to Panel (or something else) we need to hold LMB to select something.

Code: [Select]
        tg::Gui gui(window);
        tg::Theme theme("Black.txt");

auto panel = tg::Panel::create();

auto menu = tg::MenuBar::create();
menu->addMenuItem("Item One");
menu->addMenuItem("Item Two");
panel->add(menu); //gui.add(menu) for correct selection

2. RadioButton - can't unckeck after checking.

Code: [Select]

        auto radio = tg::RadioButton::create();
radio->connect("Checked", []() {printf("RadioButton Checked!\n"); });
radio->connect("Unchecked", []() {printf("RadioButton Unchecked!\n"); }); //Wrong! can't handle uncheck event (?)
radio->connect("Clicked", []() {printf("RadioButton Clicked!\n"); }); //Triggered every click. (its fine)

P.S. I'm still programming and if I'll get any other bugs with other elements I'll update that post.

Feature requests / ListBox EditBox TextBox
« on: 19 October 2016, 12:52:13 »
Need custom listbox item like a
tgui::ListBox::Ptr list = std::make_shared<tgui::ListBox>();

void ListBox::addItem<Widget>(std::shared_ptr<Widget> widget); //Or wiget arguments

std::shared_ptr<Widget> ListBox::getItem<Widget>(const size_t id); //Or const char *name

void ListBox::insertItem<Widget>(std::shared_ptr<Widget> widget, const size_t id); //Insert item betwen few other items

That provides editable items like a playlist item simplifies adding new buttons\text\images something else.

Music player
[TrackName]<Play><Stop><Options> //current played track
[TrackName] - <Play><Stop><Options> //hided buttons
[TrackName] - <Play><Stop><Options>
[TrackName] - <Play><Stop><Options>

Server list like a

void EditBox::setCaretPos(const size_t char_pos);
size_t EditBox::getCaretPos() const;

void EditBox::setCaretLine(const size_t line_id); //move caret to line
size_t EditBox::getCaretLine() const;

size_t EditBox::getLinesCount() const; //return total lines (with \n)

Same as EditBox

Usable for editors.
Thx for reading)

General Discussion / Time for bugs. 6x combo
« on: 19 October 2016, 11:50:24 »
Hi Texus and community, we have a problem (houston.. pshhh pshhh).

Win7 x64
Link type: Static\Dynamic
Target platform: x32\x64
SFML 2.4.0 x32 (Static\Dynamic)
TGUI 0.7.1 x32 (Static\Dynamic)

Tests on video:
Win7 x64
Link type: Dynamic
Target platform: x32
SFML 2.4.0 x32 (Static\Dynamic)
TGUI 0.7.1 x32 (Static\Dynamic)

Link on video bug-report.
//sorry for ugly video quality

Link on code.

Error List:
0. Need to press and hold LMB on MenuBar to see subitems menu.
1. If MenuBar parent to HorizontalLayout or VerticalLayout we can't select its subitems.
2. EditBox caret isn't change self size when its parent to Vertical or Horizontal Layout its size binds to EditBox height. (not relative to text)
3. If MenuBar is last element in VerticalLayout (in the bottom on window) the subitems spawns under window area.
4. When MenuBar parenting latest to VerticalLayout its subitem menu spawns under window (ViewPort).
5. If we use EditBox::setText("asdasd\n\nasdasd\n\nasdasd") and try to select something we got hmm... uncorrect behaviour.

And finally I have a question: is it bugs or features or my broken hands?:D //Self-criticism

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